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Sugarflair Pastel Paste Colour White will give you a lovely pastel shade to your fondant, buttercream, royal icing, cake mixes and much more. Sugarflair colours are produced in the UK and are the highest grade on the market. Sugarflair Pastel Paste Colour can be diluted using Decorator’s Alcohol or Rose Spirit for painting.

Use: The paste colour is concentrated. Add paste to food product slowly and mix well before adding more.

Tips: We recommend using a toothpick to add colour to your food product.

Size: 400gm

Allergens: Gluten Free. Nut Free. GM Free. Suitable for Vegans. Kosher. 

Ingredients: Humectant E422, Colour Carrier E1520, Thickener E551, Food Colour E171.

Made in the UK.