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About Us

When Cakers Warehouse was born in 2014, we wanted to create a store that showed our unrivalled passion for cake decorating.
Our aim was to create a store that moved with the times, inspired customers and offered a level of trust.

Whether it's class students, in store customers or online shoppers, we have offered level of range and knowledge that not only meant customers could find what they're looking for, but also the guidance of how to achieve it.

As our business has grown from a small family-run business into one of Australia's most recognised cake decorating stores, we have welcomed the challenge, always looking for new products and ways to innovate within our industry.

The Delaney Family
Partners in life and in business.

Paul & Michelle Delaney (parents) - Opened Delaneys Cakes in 1989 and grew it into our regions most awarded and recognised cake store. Paul & Michelle still lead their team of decorators 30 years later - an unsurpassed level of devotion to the trade.

Shane & Charlotte Delaney (son & partner) - Never content with staying still, their energy and creativity is the driving force behind Cakers Warehouse. Shane draws on his childhood in the bakery and passion for design when creating new and exciting products.