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It's never been easier and prettier to apply personalised messages to your cakes. With SWEET STAMP by AmyCakes you can easily emboss your message or name and paint. 

The Botanical Dreams set will help you master floral print impressions. These floral Sweet Stamps were created from hand drawn illustrations from world renown cake designer,  The Caketress. With these multi-use  and food safe hard plastic stamps, cake designs are endless with mix and match pattern features of the leaves, stems, branches, and several sized flowers. 

The PickUpPad is optional. You can pick and press each piece individually, but the Sticky Block ensures an even emboss and more control over placement, especially on the sides of your cakes. 

The Colour Coded sets come in a handy storage tray, so you can keep track of your shapes easily.

To remove the pieces from the tray make a ball of fondant tacky and use to pull out. Another option is using a scriber to gently release (do not force letters using this method). 

When painting we advise to use the Sweet Stamp Professional Brush Duo, or paint brushes with a similar quality standard and size.

Chic tray for easy storage (to never lose a piece) 
5 mix shape garden rose/peony 
2 dogwood 
1 daisy 
2 types of anemones 
1 ranunculus 
1 clematis 
2 pansies 
4 multisize hydrangea 
4 multiside blossoms 
2 multi use filler flower 
3 berry buds 
9 multi size leaves
3 garden rose leaves 
3 ferns 
6 Multiuse stems and branches