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Bring glamour and luxury to your cakes and desserts by adding Japanese Edible Silver Loose Leaf to your designs.  The most exciting way to add bling to your cakes!

This beautiful metallic edible leafing is timeless and popular on naked and buttercream cakes! When consumed the edible leaf disintegrates in the mouth without flavour, but beautifully enhances edible delights.

Use one or multiple sheets to completely wrap cupcakes, chocolates and cakes in gold seamlessly, or make your own flakes. Loose leaf is perfect for placing small pieces of decoration onto your cake.

Use: Make sure your fondant cake is free of any powdered sugar or corn starch. Using a food safe paintbrush and a little water, lightly moisten the surface of your icing. Carefully lift and place your leaf onto the icing surface, allowing the light amount of water to adhere the leaf. After the leaf has been placed on the icing, use a high quality dusting brush to smooth the leaf down. You can do this by lightly brushing the back of the sheet. Be careful of any breeze or draft as the leaf is very light and delicate.

Allergens: Certified international Food Safe ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP.

Size: Contains 0.8gm silver flakes.

Storage: Comes in a protective plastic case with bamboo tweezers for handling. Leafing sheets will not maintain their quality if exposed to air, light or humidity.