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Rose Spirit High Grade 99.9% Decorators Alcohol 400mL

by Cakers
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Rose Spirit or Cake Decorator's Alcohol is widely used in cake decorating to create paint and dilute colours. Cakers 99.9% Rose Spirit is the highest grade available on the market to guarantee the best finish.

Avoid mess and accurately mix colours with the easy-to-use twist dropper lid. Dilute Lustre DustPetal Dust and colours for painting or spraying through your airbrush.

By adding high concentrate Rose Spirit to dusts and colours (instead of Vodka or other low % alcohols), it allows the alcohol to evaporate quickly and dry faster. This will avoid clumping, flaky tacky finishes and will allow a streak free finish.

It can also be used to brush or airbrush over dried fondant to take off unwanted cornflower or marks.

Tip: For use with Lustre Dust and Petal Dust colours, dilute 1:1 ratio for painting. Dilute 3:1 if spraying through an airbrush.

Size: 400mL

Allergens: Contains no allergens.

Ingredients: 99.9% Alcohol, 0.1% Rose Essence.

Product of Australia.