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Progel Colour Brown 25g

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ProGel by Rainbow Dust is a professional gel food colouring system.  These colours are highly concentrated so only the smallest amount will give you deep, rich colour to your gourmet creations.  Add ProGel to buttercream, fondant, cake batter, macarons and more and watch it transform into your desired colour.

ProGel food colour comes in a tube with a safety seal and screw top lid.

Use: Squeeze a small amount of gel into your food product.  Mix well before adding more colour.

Tips: The squeeze tube allows for easy control of colour being deposited into your food product.  Add small amounts at a time.

Size: 25g

Allergens:  100% edible food colour, Kosher Certified, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Friendly.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Silicon Dioxide, Propylene Glycol, E133, E155.

Made in the UK.