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Pashmak Fairy Floss 200g Saffron

by Pariya
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Pashmak Persian Fairy Floss is a traditional handspun Persian sweet that's similar to fairy floss (or cotton candy).

Each batch is hand spun into a delicate weave of wool-like strands that will melt in your mouth.

Perfect with cakes, puddings, fruit, ice-cream or simply on its own. Mix and match flavours to suit your cravings!

Use this high quality fairy floss to decorate on-trend desserts and drip cakes!

Flavour:  Saffron

Size:  200g

Ingredients:  Sugar, Wheat Flour, Sesame Oil, Vanilla Extract (<1%), Natural Food Acid 330.

Allergens:  Wheat Flour, Sesame Seeds.  May contain tree nuts and traces of dairy. Preservative free.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place below 16oC.  Keep in an airtight container after opening.  Please note this product is ideally kept in the fridge, however can be posted at customers discretion. Cakers Warehouse cannot take responsibilty for any damage during transit. We advise Express Shipping for this product.

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