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Introducing More Pro Art - Angled Brush for precision details.

Monica's angled brush is perfect for painting drips on the side of cakes, fine details on cookies, macarons, buttercream and more.

With a short, narrow tip, the angled brush as synthetic non porous fiber to allow for easy cleaning.

The angled head allows for clear visibility when working on the side of cakes, embossers, out bossers, wording etc.

Care Instructions:
Wash brushes carefully with cold water before use to eliminate any loose bristles.
Never use the same brushes for oil and water based paints. 
Avoid dipping the brush so far into the paint that paint gets into the ferrule.
The ferrule is the metal part of the brush that attaches the bristles to the handle.
Avoid getting paint on the brush handle as it may absorb the paint colour and permanently discolour the handle.
Do not sit brushes on their bristles in a water jar - this will cause them to bend or fray. After rinsing or while not in use, rest brushes on a brush holder.
Clean your brushes immediately after use - Do not let paint dry on your brush.
Store dry brushes vertically bristle-side-up or horizontally in a protecting box - Never store brushes on their bristles.
Your brush bristles may discolour over time from paint, however this will not affect the quality and performance of the brush.