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Modelling Paste Black

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Fondtastic Luxury Modelling Paste is a premium Modelling paste ideal for elegant cake decorations and modelling. Exclusively produced in South Africa with the finest ingredients, the luxury formula makes Fondtastic the perfect Modelling paste for Australian conditions with its non-stick and pliable qualities producing a smooth, silky sheen finish for all your creations.

This premium Modelling Paste is easy to work with and can be rolled very thin without tearing, cracking or drying out. Fondtastics vibrant colours resist fading with a superior, delicate vanilla flavour. Fondtastic is Gluten and Nut Free and Halal Certified.

Use: Knead the paste to a smooth consistency and mould into any figurine shape or roll thin and use cutters to create flowers and leaves.

Size: 250g.

Made in South Africa.