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Isomalt Crystals 400g

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Isomalt crystals are a reduced calorie sweetener used for making hard candy. This product can be used to make the edible gems, pulled sugar, blown sugar and as a sugar substitute in baking.

Isomalt crystals have a high resistance to humidity and will not crystalise. If no colour is added, the candy will harden clear. To colour isomalt crystal candy, add gel colouring.

Use: Place the Isomalt in a microwave safe container. Microwave in one minutes bursts, taking the Isomalt out of the microwave to stir to avoid any hot spots. Once the Isomalt starts to bubble and melt, reduce the microwave time to 30 seconds stirring gently until fully melted.  Isomalt will be approximately 165 degrees Celsius.  Handle with extreme care.

Size: 400g

Allergens: No known Allergens. Vegan Suitable

Ingredients: Isomalt GPS & GPM derived from Sugar Beet