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Vanilla Extract Baking Blend 320mL

by Heilala
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Perfect for everyday use, the Heilala Baking Blend Vanilla Extract combines pure vanilla extract with 100% natural flavour providing a well-rounded vanilla taste. Great value for everyday baking.

The extract is baker-friendly and comes in a convenient size screw top bottle.

Tip: Perfect in panna cotta, ice cream, creme brulee, lamingtons, mille-feuille and frosting.

Use: Substitute an equal amount of Baking Blend Vanilla Extract in any recipe that requests vanilla. Enhances other flavours such as coffee, chocolate and citrus. Adds sweetness to wholefood, healthy and sugar-free recipes. Ideal in chocolate cake, cookies, slices and smoothies.

Size: 320mL

Allergens: Contains 12% alcohol

Ingredients: Heilala Vanilla Bean Extract (Vanilla Bean Extractives in Water and Alcohol), Natural Vanilla Flavour, Sugar

While adding flavour and fragrance to your cooking, you're giving back to the Tongan communities where Heilala vanilla pods are hand-picked for ripeness.