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Glycerine is an essential in baking and works as a 'humectant' to reduce the loss of moisture in baking and decorating. 

Below is a list of ways Glycerine can help you in common baking and decorating issues

- Keeps baked Cake fresher for longer - adding a teaspoon of glycerine to your cake batter before baking helps act as preservative by holding in that fresh baked feeling long after the cake has come out of the oven.
- Adds sheen to Royal Icing - adding approx a teaspoon glycerine in royal icing adds shine and prevents your royal icing setting hard and dry. 
- Prevents Crystalisation - by adding a small amount of glycerine to heated sugar or an isomalt mixture helps prevents crystalisation. Glycerine also works as a softening agent in candy giving your fudge, truffles and caramels a soft creamy consistency.
- Fixes cracked and stiff fondant - adding glycerine to old cracked fondant will help return the moisture to the icing. Can be worked into iced fondant to help soften fondnat so cracks and imperfections can be fixed. 
- Softens hardened Food colours - by adding glycerine to dried or solidified food colouring it will help add moisture back into your dried up food colours.