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by Mondo
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Perfect for scultping & smoothing ganache, fondant and butTercream! This set of flexible smoothers are ideal for achieving sharp fondant edges.

Made from food grade flexible plastic and come as 2 different shapes - One sharpie has four evenly rounded corners whereas the other sharpie has a larger curved edge on one end.

Measurements: 105 x 78mm.

Instructions for use:
For a round fondant cake, place the sharpie with the larger curved edge on top of the fondant covered cake facing the edge, and the straight edge of the other cake sharpie on the side of your cake. Work the cake sharpies slowly and evenly along the edges of the cake. You will notice that the edge begins to sharpen. Continue to work around the cake until you have achieved the desired outcome on the edge. For square fondant cakes, use the straight edge of each cake sharpie and work slowly around the edges to achieve the desired outcome.