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Dust Super Dream Coat

by Rolkem
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Rolkem’s Special Metallic Dust will give you a beautiful glossy finish on your sugar creations.  The Special Metallic Dust is a perfect dust for highlighting sugar flowers, royal icing piping and other sugar accents.

Special Metallic Dust comes in a screw top, sealed jar and are 100% edible.

Use: Use dry powder with a food grade paint brush to add colour and detail to your edible creations. Add Rose Spirit to the powder and mix to a paint for painting onto your sugar creations.

Tips: When brushing onto icing, leave the icing overnight to dry completely before applying lustre colour.  Colours may appear patchy if applied too soon after icing your creation.

Size: 10ml

Allergens: Non-toxic. Edible.

Ingredients: Approved food colouring.

Made in South Africa.