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Dust Rainbow Spectrum Apple

by Rolkem
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Rolkem’s range of Edible Dusts will give a rich lovely colour to your sugar creations.  Dry brush onto fondant, gum paste, royal icing, buttercream, cookies, macarons and more. You can also add the coloured dust directly to chocolate without diluting first.

Edible Dusts come in a screw top, sealed jar and are 100% edible.

Use: Use dry powder with a food grade paint brush to add colour and detail to your edible creations. 

Tips: When brushing onto icing, leave the icing overnight to dry completely before applying lustre colour.  Colours may appear patchy if applied too soon after icing your creation.

Size: 10ml

Allergens: Non-toxic. Edible.

Ingredients: Approved food colouring E141 Copper Complexes of Chlorophyll, E133 Brilliant Blue FCF, E170 Calcium Carbonate.

Made in South Africa.