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This set of 9 stainless steel numbers cookie cutters is made up from one of each of the following:

0 - 4.5cm high x 3.1cm wide
1 - 4.5cm high x 2.2cm wide
2 - 4.5cm high x 3cm wide
3 - 4.5cm high x 2.5cm wide
4 - 4.5cm high x 3cm wide
5 - 4.5cm high x 3cm wide
6 - 4.5cm high x 3cm wide
7 - 4.5cm high x 2.6cm wide
8 - 4.5cm high x 3cm wide.

Use your numbers cookie cutters to create fondant numbers for on top of cakes and cupcakes as well as creating cookies for any age birthday.

Each boxed set comes packaged in a clear acetate box with a lid for safe storage.

Please note you do have to turn the 6 upside down to be the 9