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This 2 cupcake box is a great presentation box for cupcakes!

It is a one piece self-closing box with a clear plastic window on the lid so you can showcase your cupcake designs. The clear plastic window measures at 132 x 48mm and is rectangular with rounded edges.

This box comes with a separate cupcake insert which has two holes to sit your cupcakes in the box comfortably. The holes in the insert measures at 6cm in diameter each and once placed in the cupcake box, the distance between the insert and lid when closed is 7.5cm.

It is made out of a high quality paperboard stock and has a flawless Kraft Brown finish and is food Grade Approved. (Food contact approved to ISEGA standards).

The internal dimensions if this 2 cupcake box when assembled are 170 x 85 x 80mm (Length x Width x Height in mm).

Fits large (550) and medium (408) papers and foils.