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Gum Paste Gum Leaf Green 225g

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Exciting new premium BY caitlinmitchell Gum Paste is a quality gum paste suitable for creating sugar flowers, modelling, figurines, ribbons and bows, and sculpting. Developed to withstand humid conditions, BY caitlinmitchell Gum Paste can be rolled paper thin without cracking and becomes firm when set.

The white Gum Paste can be easily coloured with gel colourings or choose from the great range of pre-coloured Gum Paste. BY caitlinmitchell Gum Pastes can be frozen. After use, put the Gum Paste back in the bag provided and seal the container to maintain quality of gum paste.

Use: Knead the gum paste to a soft consistency. Smear a small amount of vegetable shortening on your work surface to prevent sticking and roll the Gum Paste to the consistency needed. 

Size: 225g.

Allergens: Contains Egg Product and Sulphites. May contain Gluten.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Vegetable Fats, Liquid Glucose derived from Maize Starch (certified), Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose E466, Potassium Hydrogentartrate E366, Gelatine E411, Pasteurised Dried Egg Albumen, Food Colour E102, E104, E124, E151, Potassium Sorbate E202, Acidity Stabiliser E260, Sulphur Dioxide E220.

Made in Australia.