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Buttercream White 800g

by Cakers

Cakers ready to use White Vanilla Buttercream (Fudge) Icing has a silky smooth texture perfect for icing your cakes and piping on cupcakes. Our Buttercream Icing is easy to colour and flavour and remains stable during the warmer months.

From the manufacturing date, the Buttercream has a 1 month shelf life (if unopened) or a 4 month best before date if stored in the fridge.  The Buttercream does not need to be refrigerated, however we recommend storing in the fridge once opened.

Tip: To add colour or flavour simply add small amounts at a time and mix through thoroughly. We recommend smoothing the buttercream on a bench with a spatula to remove any air bubbles.

Size: 800g.

Allergens: Vegan and Vegetarian Suitable. Gluten Free.

Ingredients: Icing Sugar, Vegetable Fats & Oils, Corn Flour, Water, Vanilla Essence, Emulsifier (435, 471), Antioxidants (306), Flavour.

Note: This product is posted at customers risk. We carefully pack the Buttercream, however due to courier sort machines, buckets may be damaged. This will not affect usage of the product.

Produced by Cakers Warehouse.