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Bundle Deal Loyal Dowel System

by Cakers
Original price $44.40
Current price $35.00
Save 20% on LOYAL Bakeware's brand new Cake Support System. Ditch the drill and stack your cakes the easy way with the full set of cake stacking accessories. 

This kit includes: 

How to use the Cake Support System:
1. With your Masonite cake board clean off any oils, peel the adhesive back off the Dowel Mounting Bracket and stick it to the centre of your cake board. 
2. Place 1 Large Cake Dowel into the centre of the Dowel Mounting Bracket
3. With your cake layers semi-decorated and ready to go on their Perforated Slip Boards, slide your base layer down over the Large centre dowel
4. Place approximately 4 Small Cake Support Dowels in a square around the large centre dowel, ensuring they are placed no wider than the layer going above
5. Slide your next layer over the Large Centre Dowel and repeat steps until your cake is fully constructed!