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The Agbay Jr. Double Blade Cake Leveler is the most accurate and precise cake leveling and torting tool designed for the Baking Professional who demands accuracy as well as ease of use.  all of the accuracy is built right into the Leveling Tool   This Leveler is perfect for high volume in bakeries doing numerous 8”, 10” and 12” Celebration cakes every week.


· Two super sharp Stainless blades allow you to level and split in one simple step

· Cuts up to a 12 inch cake including 1/2 sheet cakes making it easy to fill sheet cakes

· Lower Blade adjusts from 1/4" up to 4 1/2" high from your work surface

· Upper Blade adjusts from 1/4" up to 1 1/2" above the Lower Blade

· Each Blade has its own frame to keep the blade under tension to prevent climbing or digging into your cake while leveling and splitting

· Same high quality materials and workmanship as the Large Agbay Cake Levelers

· Wide foot design provides stability insuring flat and parallel cuts every time. Feet glide easily over work surface for cutting ease without marring your counter top

· Designed for bakeries that level and split 25, 50, or 200 cakes a day with accuracy and ease and cake artists wanting to save time on the smaller tiers of their wedding cakes

· Includes cleaning tool and two blade guards

· Overall Dimensions:  18” long  x  7” high x  4” wide

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