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Modelling Paste 250g Light Blue *Clearance*

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Winner of the 2017 Cake Masters product of the year, Saracino is known as the best modelling paste in the world.

Used by leading UK and European figure artists, Saracino boasts a huge list of talented ambassadors.

- The paste hardens without drying, this allows the product to be moulded and hold it's shape without cracking.
- Suitable for both flower modelling and figurines.
- High concentration of cocoa butter to help sustain its estasticity and allowing you to correct mistakes.
- It can be rolled out incredibly thin, allowing you to create life-like edible petals and floristry.
- Large range of pre-coloured modelling pastes, ideal when you require deep colours.
- Delicious tasting.
- Gluten Free.

Manufactured in Italy.