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Yeners Pastillage is a hard drying sugar paste used for making strong edible structures, decorations and centrepieces for cake decorating.

Pastillage has existed since the 17th century, way before any other commercial sugar pastes were known. It is a pliable sugar paste, similar to gum paste, that can be moulded into different shapes and forms. When dried, it is hard and brittle. Unlike gum paste, pastillage dries much quicker and stronger. Original pastillage made with gelatine, firm glucose, water and icing sugar, hardens quickly and can only be shaped or moulded for a short while by hand. If handled too long, the surface of the pastillage will begin to dry and crack.

It can also be rolled into a variety of thicknesses and cut into shapes to dry and join later. Due to its challenging quick drying behaviour, it wasn't the most preferred medium by some cake decorators. On the other hand, it has the most reliable structural strength to achieve extremely high edible toppers and centrepieces.

Use: Follow the instructions on the packet to mix the powder and water together to a lumpy consistency.  Turn the mix out onto a clean benchtop and knead until a smooth and a firm paste develops. Dust some cornflour on the benchtop and continue kneading for another minute. Keep Pastillage in a zip lock bag immediately. Minimise the air in the bag before sealing the zip lock. Use straight away or for best results mix one day before use.

Size: 450g.

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Starch, Modified Corn Starch, Dried Glucose Syrup, Thickeners E466, E412, E415, Gelatine, Colouring E171, Citric Acid, Preservative E202.

Made in Australia.