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Structure Cakes by Verusca Walker

A complete book to teach you how to create steady structures to support your cake in many different positions like: upright, upside down, gravity defying, moving, sideways, etc....

It is a great book for the beginner or professional cake decorator to understand how to construct structure to support the weight of cake.

This comprehensive book includes:

·         planning and drawing diagrams

·         buying the correct but affordable equipment and material

·         perfect recipes and tricks on how to use a dense cake

·         carving techniques and ganaching tips

·         how to test and protect your structure

·         embellishments to make your cake more realistic

·         tips in how to transport your cake

·         etc....

13 projects with photographic step-by-step:

·         Handbag and high heel shoes

·         Baby pram

·         Racing car

·         Stacked cake (heart and skull and little monsters)

·         Kitchen Aid

·         Sewing machine

·         3D Motorbike (Harley and racing)

·         Vespa

·         Musical Instrument (violin, electrical guitar and acoustic)

·         Chandelier