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Fresh As from New Zealand is now producing a range of retail whole and sliced fruits and fruit powders. Sourced from the highest quality, ripe and sweet fruits then freeze-dried to produce intensely flavoured fruits and powders, this quality range is perfect to add to icings, your favourite brulee mix or smoothies.

Use: Add to your cake ingredients, icings or smoothies as desired to your taste.  Sprinkle on top of baked foods as a garnish.

Size: 22g

Allergens: Made from 100% natural fruit with no added preservatives.

Ingredients: Strawberry.

Fresh As source top quality New Zealand fruits and freeze dry them at sub-zero temperatures, removing all moisture from the fruit. This leaves crunchy, intensely flavoured fruit for you to garnish delicious desserts, fold through your morning yoghurt or eat as they are for a healthy snack.

Made in New Zealand.

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