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Rainbow Dust’s beautiful indulgent Edible Silk Lustre Dust will add vibrant colour and shimmer to your edible creations. The Edible Silk Lustre Dust range consists of pretty, blended pastel and metallic shades and are perfect to dust onto sugar flowers, modelling paste creations or you can create a food safe paint using Dectorator’s Alcohol or Rose Spirit to highlight areas of your food creations. Paint or dust directly onto fondant, modelling paste, gum paste, macarons, cookies, meringues and more to add a luxurious lustre.

Edible Silk Lustre Dusts come in a screw top, sealed jar and are 100% edible.

Use: Use dry powder with a food grade paint brush to add colour and detail to your edible creations. Make a food safe paint by mixing with Decorator’s Alcohol or Rose Spirit.

Tips: When brushing onto icing, leave the icing overnight to dry completely before applying lustre colour.  Colours may appear patchy if applied too soon after icing your creation.

Size: 3g approx.

Allergens:  Kosher Certified. Vegetarian Friendly. Vegan Friendly.

Ingredients: Colours E171, E153, E172, may contain iron dioxide.

Made in the UK.