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Piping Gel is commonly used as an edible adhesive when working with fondant. Piping Gel is easy to colour and is perfect for writing messages. You can also use Piping Gel to stabilise whipped cream, glaze fruit and other baked goods. Making a swimming pool cake? Piping Gel coloured with Blue Food Colour will give you perfect looking water!

Tip: when mixing colour into Piping Gel, blend in a figure 8 motion using a spatula to minimise bubbles. Use coloured Piping Gel on white or light coloured iced cakes for best results.

Use: Coat your styrofoams in piping gel before icing in fondant, use red food colour to make blood, use Piping Gel to stick decorations like confetti to fondant when creating gold sequin cakes, use Piping Gel to give buttercream a smoother texture.

Size: 100g

Allergens: 100% Edible.

Ingredients: Glucose, Water, Sugar, Vegetable Gum (407), Vegetable gum (440), Acidity regulators (330, 331), Mineral Salt (327), Preservative (202)