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The detail in the ropes and knots is amazing. The depth to this mould will allow you to create extremely realistic knots people won't believe you haven’t used real rope. This mould compliments any nautical theme you have but can also be used as decoration for wedding and birthday themes too. 

Size of mould 7.5cm in height by 18cm wide and 1.2cm deep 

Large rope size is 1cm in height by 18cm wide and 0.5cm deep

Medium rope size is 0.8cm in height by 18cm wide and 0.4cm deep

Small rope size is 0.5cm in height and 18cm wide and 0.3cm deep

Large knot size is 2.2cm in height and 1.7cm wide and 1cm deep

Medium knot size is 2.1cm in height and 1.4cm wide and 0.6cm deep

Small knot size is 1.2cm in height and 0.7cm wide and 0.4cm deep

• Dishwasher safe
• Made from food safe silicone
• The mould can be used in an oven up to 200°c