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Aerosols cannot be shipped via Air Express, if purchasing this product your order will be shipped via road services. This product cannot be shipped internationally.

Modecor Cocoa Butter Velvet Spray gives a unique velvety finish to your cakes, entremets, mousses, ice creams and more.

A popular finish to modern desserts and cakes that your customers and friends will love.

Use other velvet spray colours to create shades or a stencil to decorate.

Directions of use:
- If velvet chocolate is set, immerse 3/4 of the can in warm water at 45-50°C for 30 minutes.
- Shake well for 2 minutes, or until you hear the metal ball moving inside the can.
- Spray at a distance of 30-40cm.
- After each use, turn the bottle upside down and clean the spray nozzle under running water.
- Store at room temperature.

For optimal results, apply to frozen cakes as soon as you take them out of the freezer.

- Gluten Free
- AZO Free

Made in Italy.