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Ganaching your cake has never been easier with this simple and innovative ganache frame!
Simply follow these easy steps to achieve a perfectly ganached cake.
- Place parchment paper on a tray/board on a flat surface.
- Remove centre section and place Ganache Frame on the parchment paper.
- Place ganache in the middle of the Ganache Frame and spread until it fills the frame.
- Use a large scraper to remove excess ganache and level ganache with the frame.
- Refridgerate ganache for 30 minutes or until set.
- Remove from fridge and use a hot spatula to smooth ganache surface.
- Run the tip of a hot sharp knife around the inside of the frame to release the ganache from the frame.
- Gently remove the frame from the ganache.
- Secure your cake to the corresponding cake board.
- Spread a small amount of ganache on top of the cake and place ganache lid in the center of the cake surface.
- Place piece of parchment paper on top of cake, ganache surface on cake.
- Place turn-table upside down on surface of cake, flip the cake carefully so that the ganache surface is on the bottom and board on top.
- Apply ganache to the sides of your cake, using a scraper to create a smooth finish.
- When smooth side are achieved, carefully flip the cake back over.
- Peel off parchment paper to reveal smooth straight edge.
- Allow cake to set for a few hours in a cool place.
Made from high quality acrylic
2 piece.