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Flower Wire is used to provide support to flower stems and to use as the stem when creating your own sugar flowers. Flower Wire can be easily shaped to suit your project.

These Floral Wires are stainless steel covered in food grade paper. Floral Wires comes in different gauges depending on the strength needed for your project. The smaller the gauge number, the heavier the wire is.

Use: Place the wire into a foam bud when creating sugar flowers. If using fresh flowers, place the wire through the underside of the flower head and fold over down the stem. Use Floral Tape to keep the wire in place.

Size: 36cm (14”) long. Pack of 50.

Colour: Green

Gauge: #18 and #20 ideal for very rigid decorations; #22 ideal for upright decorations; #24, #26 and #28 ideal for sugar flowers; #30 is ideal for small and fine work such as flower stamens.