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Create elegant floating tiers with Cakers new 20mm high Acrylic Risers!

These acrylic risers are designed to sit between your tiers to create a floating effect and give a glass-like finish.

Useage: Cakers acrylic risers don't require any extra support, simply stack and support your cake with boards and dowels as you normally would and sit your riser below the tier you wish to create the floating effect.

You can even use Cakers risers as a cake board, the 20mm thick glass-like finish is ultra elegant and something your guests will love!

Which size to buy?
You can choose to use a larger riser than the tier above eg. 8" riser with 6" cake and have it as a glass-look step, use the same size as the tier above to create a floating effect or even use a smaller size than the tier above to create a step-in effect.
Let your imagination run wild!

Wipe clean and reuse.

*As these are machine made, you may find slight join marks but can be easily hidden at the back of the cake.*