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Bake Delicious Homemade Sourdough Bread for your family!

A rustic style bread with a crunchy crust that's bursting with flavour.

Cakers Sourdough Bread Mix can be baked with and without a bread maker, ingredients are the same for both methods.

1kg Mix will bake approx 2 standard loaves.

Ingredients needed:
- Dried Yeast
- Water

Ingredients: Wheat Flour (Vitamins (Thiamin, Folate)), Sourdough Culture, Fermented Wheat Flour, Iodised Salt, Vegetable Oil, Calcium Sulphate (516), Ascorbic Acid (300), Cysteine (920), Enzymes.

Made in Australia from 93% local ingredients.

- Halal Suitable
- Vegetarian Suitable
- Kosher Suitable

You can use our Instant Active Dry Yeast with this mix.

How to use Instant Active Dry Yeast?

- Add the Yeast to the dry ingredients and mix through.
- Add the Liquid to your dry ingredients and mix.
- You do not need to dissolve in water.

Tips to prooving your bread:

- Press your finger 2cm into the dough, if it bounces back half way your dough is ready for baking.
- If it bounces back completely, it needs to be prooved for longer.
- If it doesn't bounce back, it has been prooved for too long.