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Bakels ready to use White Soft Fondant Icing is perfect for dipping your donuts to create a light frosting with a lovely shine! You can dip or pour the Soft Fondant Icing and you can also use the Soft Fondant to ice cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Bakels ready to use White Soft Fondant is not Bakels Ready to Roll fondant.

Tip: Bakels White Soft Fondant Icing can be easily coloured and flavoured once heated by adding a few drops at a time and mixing through.

Use: Heat the Soft Fondant Icing in a Bain-Marie to 40-43°C. If the desired consistency is not achieved at this temperature, add some stock syrup as needed to achieve a runny consistency suitable for pouring or dipping.

Size: 1kg.

Allergens: Sulphites (from Glucose).

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose (contains preservative (220)), Water.