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Choc Cake (Pettina) by Bakels is a premium chocolate butter cake and produces a rich chocolate flavour with a light texture.  It is perfect for any cake occasion or to make cupcakes, muffins and bar cakes. This cake is perfect for icing with Buttercream and will leave you craving for more. Delight your tastebuds by adding fresh fruit and berries to complete this sensation. Comes with easy to follow instructions.

The 1kg mix will bake approximately one 9” x 3” round or an 8” x 3” square.

Recipe: Mix 1kg, Eggs 250g, Water 400ml

Size: 1kg

Allergens: Halal Approved. Contains Gluten, Milk.  May be present due to shared equipment: Egg, Soy, Sulphites.

Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Fat (Vegetable Oil, Emulsifiers (471, 477), Antioxidant (307)), Cocoa Powder (7%), Vegetable Oil (Antioxidant (307), Milk Solids, Maltodextrin, Thickener (1422), Raising Agents (500, 541), Potato Flour, Whipping Agent (Emulsifiers (472b, 477), Glucose), Milk Solids), Flavour, Salt, Colours (122, 133, 155), Emulsifier (481).

Note:  Baking times are not given as they will vary depending on size of tin and oven. 

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