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AmeriColor AmeriMist™ concentrated spray on food colours produce an effective colour coverage on a variety of icing types including Buttercream and Fondant.

The Americolor airbrush range is highly concentrated, eliminating the need for overspray and contains a complete collection of popular colours.  AmeriColor AmeriMist™ are a cake decorators' favourite! 

The airbrush colour comes in a sealed, easy to use flip top dispenser bottle.

Use: Can be painted on with a brush or sprayed on using any airbrush machine. Best used on Fondant, Buttercream, Frostings.

Tips: Airbrush colours are a great way to enhance the colour of your icing by giving it a concentrated colour coverage without producing water spots or breaking down the icing.

Size: .65oz

Allergens: Kosher Certified.

Origin: Made in the USA, that's why it's spelt Americolor not Americolour!

Ingredients: Water, sugar, and one or more of the following U.S. certified colors: Blue 1 (E133), Blue 2 (E132), Yellow 5 (E102), Yellow 6 (E110), Red 3 (E127), Red 40 (E129), titanium dioxide (E171), mica pigment, citric acid, xanthan gum, sodium citrate, calcium lactate, and less than 1/10 to 1% sodium benzoate.