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"Professional Quality, European Heritage since 1828."

Try the latest Couverture Chocolate to hit the Cakers shelves!

Pack includes:
Dark x 30g
Milk x 30g
White x 30g

Total 90g
Approx 20 nibs per flavour.

Van Houten Dark Couverture
Cocoa Solids 53.9%
Fat 35.8%
Fluidity 3/5

Van Houten Milk Couverture
Cocoa Solids 34.1%
Fat 36.2%
Fluidity 3/5

Van Houten White Couverture
Cocoa Solids 27.8%
Fat 36%
Fluidity 3/5

Delight your guests and customers with the taste of real Van Houten Professional chocolate. Explore the choice from dark to white chocolate couvertures, and fom intense to creamy or caramelly: there's a Van Houten Professional for every taste.

The story:
No other family in the world broke the mould for the evolution of chocolate other than Van Houten®. Their pioneering spirit, revolutionary ideas and drive to go further introduced new ways of cocoa processing, patented in the Netherlands in 1828.

Originating from a Coffee & Spice shop in Amsterdam in 1806, Van Houtens cocoa press was officially patented in 1828 claiming the invention of a lighter, nutritious cocoa powder.

Second generation: Son Coenraad enters the company and obtains a patent for dutching cocoa - a process known for creating a rich chocolaty taste. After exporting into the USA in 1889, Van Houten was one of the hottest brands on the market.

In 1922 Van Houten starts producing Chocolate tablets and confectionary to add to their already world-renowned cocoa.

The company was acquired by Barry Callebaut in 2002 and focuses on the core activities of the founding family: High quality Cocoa Dutched Powder and Couverture Chocolate.

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